2009-03-23 @ 20:04:06
I never thoutgh i'll write something like this..
I'm writing my own blog, but in polish, so writing blogs isn't nothing new for me..
But.. I never before writed something longer, in English..
I'm 15, and i can speak with everyone in english, but i always has a problems with ortography.
Anywho.. I hope I won't make (and i didn't) too much mistakes in future. :)

Nice to meet you Peth :):)
Hello, peth! It's nice to see someone new here. :) Maybe you will write something more about yourself (you know, your interests or sth)?
P.S. I like the style of your blog - so simple, yet pretty.
Nice to meet you Peth

Take care
Hello :) Write more about yorself ;)

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