Summer holidays
2013-08-20 @ 21:42:00
I haven't been here for quite a long time therefore I decided to update my blog a bit.

Im gonna finish within a year college. Now I'm having my last real holidays I think. I started having practice lessons on 5th day of this month. Gonna be having these until the end of September and then last semester starts.

This summer has been quite nice and warm. There were few hot weeks during which I went to the lake, was swimming, riding a bike etc. In the end of these hot days I was already tired of sweating after even a little effort. As I like exercising it made me happy when the weather cooled down lately. Now it's 2nd day when it's raining but that still feels better than 35 degree of heat out there.

I've been riding a bike a lot this year. I've riden almost 2000 kilometers so far which is 300 km below my personal best that happened 2 years ago. The score so far is very good considering fact that winter went away somewhere in the middle of April this year which means it was very long. I haven't been riding neither 2 days ago or yesterday as it rains all the time. Hopefuly it will get a bit better soon.
Still cold
2013-03-18 @ 23:06:08
Even though spring is near the weather outside is terrible. I expected it to get warm in the middle of March. Too bad the situation out there is way different than I expected.

2 weeks ago in the begining of this month there were few days during which there're were 10-15 degrees. I rode my bike 2 times then and hoped the weather would stay that way but unfortunately it didn't.

Now there're about -5 degrees outside. Wind has been strong all day long and that's what makes it feel way colder than it really is. I saw an hour ago it was snowing a bit and I'm really not happy about it.

Can't wait till it gets warm so I can spend more time outside riding a biking, walking without coat, gloves and all that stuff on myself.
The damn winter
2012-12-07 @ 11:00:41
I haven't posted here for quite a long time so I'll do it now.

So it starts again. I remember last winter was quite warm with not much of snow. 2 previous ones were really harsh. There was a lot of snow. During one of these harsh ones there was most snow since 20 or so years. I hope that within few next months it won't be that cold with so much snow as it used to be. I hate it. Maybe the world looks better when its so bright and white around but it's bad when there is half meter of snow all around. When to get to the shop you need twice as much time as you needed in normal conditions. I still haven't changed tyres in my car. If there is just a little of snow I won't change it anyway as I'm not gonna be using it more often than once a week.

2012-07-13 @ 01:13:27
In my previous post I mentioned about English language contest. I'll continue about it in this post.

So the final part took place in the middle of April. Each time there were 2 people comming in. I went in with my friend. He almost won the contest last year because he got 2nd place in final. So we were given 2 tasks. One was conversation. I chose really easy subject. I had to tell in which situations man are better than women and vice versa. Everyone could prepare before answering for 5 minutes with a sheet of paper and a pen. So the first part went really easily. I wrote on piece of paper like 10 reasons on advantage of men and 10 on disadvantage. Answering that part took me quite much of time. The discussion I've done the best I could I guess. After my words " that's everything I wanted to say... " the committee that consisted of 3 people (2 women and one man) said I said already a lot and there is no need to ask more.

I still didn't describe 2nd task. It was about teamwork. Every 2 people had to discuss between themselves about situation that has just happened. One person had to agree and second to disagree or find a solution to a problem. Me and my friend met on the bench in the park. It turned out that we were waiting for the same girl. So we had to discuss with eachother and find the solution. We were speaking for 2 minutes maybe.

So the guy I talked with got 2nd place last year and I was a bit better than him in that task. He also got 1st place during 1st part of the contest in March which was about choosing the right answer from A, B, C or D. So I was hoping for a good outcome as I've done very well.

We waited like 3 hours until we found out who won. It was surprising as last year. 1st and 2nd place got 2 guys who has done very well while arguing with each other. One of them had to pretend as if he was a teacher and another as if he was a student that was accused of stealing school register. Teacher said they've done very well in that part. So obviously it let them win it. The interesting fact is they knew before how the final would look like as they had some lessons with 1 teacher that was part of committee.

I got 4th place. Just like a year ago. My friend was somewhere 7-10th. I thought he would be way higher as he had the highest score of everyone at 1st part of contest month before.

I got a little surprised of the score and dissapointed. But Im still happy. Its not that easy to be 4th at college were a lot of students study.
English contest part 1
2012-03-15 @ 13:46:09
So the contest took place yesterday at 10 in the morning. Difficulty was a bit higher than I expected. There were 50 closed questions in which 4 answers were chooseable but only one was correct. 22 questions were mostly about idioms. That was the hardest part. Another 23 questions were about grammar which I liked as it was not too hard. In the end there was short article with 5 questions included which turned out to be the easiest part of the contest.

Today scores were announced. It was possible to get 50 points. I forgot to check how many people participated but it was about 70-80. Only top 10 of them qualified to the final.

I got 2nd place. Comparing to last year it's better score as I had 4th place then and in the final 4th place which let me win really decent headset. I did not expect such score. I was a bit afraid I wouldn't get to the final part because of lack of knowledge yesterday as I didnt now meaning of some words. My score is 36 points which is 72% correct answers. My mate with top score had 41 points. There were few persons that had 35 points so if I had made 2 more mistakes I wouldn't have been so high.

The final will take place in a month. This time it will be about conversation between me and examiner. I hope I'll have some luck while choosing subject of conversation. Last year there were valuable prizes for 1st-4th place. And pendrives, t-shirts, pens etc for 5-10th. This year the main award is tablet. I'll post when I get through.

Cya ; ]
Gone for good
2012-03-10 @ 22:00:36
I haven't been visiting my blog since May last year so I decided that's high time to update my blog.

I've just read my last post in which I wrote about how my last english contest finished like. There is another another that will take place on Wednesday which means it's 4 days left. There will be 2 parts just like last year. First part focused on choosing the right answer from examples marked as ABCD. To qualify to the other part at least 10th place has to be achieved. Last year there were about 130 people writing it. Many of these were there because they had nothing better to do therefore people who organise that contest decided to let less people participate this time. I have no idea how many people is gonna be trying to make it to the final but I'm sure it won't be as many as it used to be.

Final which is 2nd part will take place in April. In that part there will be eye to eye conversation with one of 3 examiners. Final consist of 2 tasks. First one is just like polish matura exam. In fact it's enough to say 5-6 sentences and it's done. Second part is worse than the previous one. It's kind of conversation between you and the person examining you. The subject is real life related. Last time I had to discuss about proper ways of careers for women. I think I've read too much from piece of paper that I prepared while before as I had 4 mintues to prepare answers to questions. The guy (my friend) that had quite problems speaking fluently got 2nd place then. I was answering questions way more flunt than him but I read too much from that paper and I think that made my place worse than it could be. The main problem wasn't how to say some things but what to say. Sometimes it's harder to make up something than translate it.

I'm also thinking of passing certificate FCE this year and CAE maybe another year or in near future.
2011-04-25 @ 09:52:49
At first I'll write some about final of my English contest.

So it had place on Friday about 10 days ago. I came to college a bit earlier to make sure what time it was gonna be. 10 finalists were supposed to be there at 9 a.m. I went to maths lecture and left it ten to nine o'clock. There was also my friend that got into final so we went together. We were told we have to go one by one and it doesn't matter who goes first so we could choose. As first went guy who already participated in that thing year ago. Out of 10 people there were mostly persons from second and even third year. Only I and my friend were the youngest.

I went inside as ~4th person. The system was similar to matura exam. I got a piece of paper with two questions and a piece of paper to write on.I sat at the table near committee so I could prepare. I had about 5 minutes. There were 2 subjects.

The First one was a bit hard. That subject was called " Suitable careers for women. - discuss ". In the begining I got a bit confused. Finally I wrote like 8-10 sentences. I wrote there that women can be directors, can work at cloth shops etc. The problem wasn't to translate it all but to think of something. I said like 8 sentences and then got stuck. It's hard to say so much informations about such subject. Fortunately people that sat in committee helped a bit too.

The second task was way easier. There was written " Your friend invites you to his birthday party but his sister doesn't like you. You hesitate. ". That subject sounded a bit like matura and I had no problems with it.

At 1 p.m. we were told our scores. I got 4th place. I was lucky because that place was the last better rewarded than others. Everyone got t shirts, pens and 4gb pendrives.

1st place: camera + pendrive 8gb
2nd place: "outer " 640 GB hard drive + pendrive 8GB
3rd place: good loud speakers + pendrive 8GB
4th place: decent " 3D " headset + pendrive 8GB

The sound comming from this headset is way better than from my previous one. You can hear " bass " effect while listening to music.

Now a little about my life. So the weather is great lately. It has been like that for a week or even a few days more. It's mostly sunny and warm. Now there're easters so I got a lot of free time. Therefore I ride my bike everyday.
Too bad I've got bad luck lately. I went riding like 6 times and 3 times my wheel got out of air. I bought also new tyres lately so its way better now. Everything works ok and even the bike rides a bit faster. New tyres are much better than old ones. These are really quite and it's possible to ride faster.

That's everything I wanted to write. Take care.

Bye : )
English contest
2011-03-27 @ 12:30:20
As I already wrote in my previous I participated in english contest over a week ago. Scores were shown the day after in the evening. I went to see my score on Monday and I got nicely surprised. Out of 102 people writing the test 10 advanced further. In fact there were 11 ppl as few guys/girls had the same scores. It was possible to get 50 points. I had 42 and got 4th place. 1st and 2nd place had 45 points. One of the winners is a guy who I was at another english contest year ago. We were chosen by our teacher then when we were still in higher school.

The final is going to be in the middle of April. I think I've got to study english some when I got time I might win something. If I move forward just one position I've got a huge chance to get a reward. Guy on 3rd place had one point more and the 5 th one had 39 pts ( 3 less ) than me. I'll see how it goes soon.

Take care
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