How fast time pass...
2010-09-24 @ 16:45:13
I didn't write for so long time. But the end of holiday wasn't calm. First days in new school don't belong to the best, but I have to think that will be good. I hope that another people have good started a new school year and will be only good notes and atmosphere.
After second round election
2010-07-11 @ 19:11:30
Everybody knows who is the new president of Poland. I don't have eighteen years old yet, so I can't take part in events like that, but when I will be adult I' going to do this. I think that every voice is important. Maybe this one can change decision, future. Take part in election is obligation every national. When someone doesn't go, he can't moan that they bad govern.
2010-07-07 @ 16:21:51
Holiday come back again. It's nicely, because I and another students don't go to school. I'm free! I can rest and I can make up to new school. Unfortunately I finished fine school, where were very cool. But now I go to another and I hope that there will be good too.
2010-05-14 @ 21:42:56
I go to the middle school. I like listen to music and play volleyball, but I can't play so good. Of all the school subject I like English, German and Maths.
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