2007-07-19 @ 19:56:38
hi Im so tired after work and hungry there is nothing to eat.My husband is so laze.he dont wont to go buy something to eat.buster!!!!!!!!!!
2007-07-18 @ 17:58:21
is here somebody who have more then 20 yers old?cos when i reading blogs there is only teenagers
2007-07-17 @ 16:25:59
here is horrible.I mine in england.I really jealousy about your weather in Poland.here is raining and raining and just a littel bit sun and also I miss for a turkey.I was there one month ago.
2007-07-17 @ 10:22:34
hello people! Im learning english cos i live in england and my knowledge about english is not enough.so guys write down to me.o god how meny misteake.sory for my english
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