Hello everyone! xD
2011-06-03 @ 16:02:06
Hi! For a long time I wasn't here. But that will change, I promise! Vacation soon so I could write more often :)I'm almost after the exam session. I'm very happy about that. In the end I could rest! :D

What's new for me? Hmmm, certainly - interest in ferrets! Great pets. I fear only that they bite, but maybe will not be so bad. In addition, I buy the one until next year. But I read a lot abot them and I think that I pay off me for the future.

How I will spend the vacations? Hmm. Probably at home. Read a litte bit, I play sport (aggressive rollerblades)... Maybe sing up for a course of horse riding? And I will spend a more time with my friends and animals :) And you? How you will spend a vacations? :> And maybe you don't have vacations? Maybe you work?

Beginnings are always difficult.
2011-03-26 @ 08:42:27
Hello. I'm Pauline. Since some 10 years I'm learning English at school and I am surprised that me still don't know. But it is quite understandable - polish education sucks. I came across this site and thought that in this way is easier, faster and more pleasant to learn to write in English. But I have to you one big request - correct my mistakes in comments. I don't feel when I write something wrong. So thank you in advance. ;)

And now, maybe something about me. I'm 19 years old and live in Warsaw. I go to the first high school class. I should have already be in college, but I didn't want to attend classes. Now I regret. And I have one last chance to change this. I love animals. I have at home three dogs, three rats and a cat. I spend with them a very long time. I love them for it they can always make me feel better, learn with me, distract from the computer too long when I'm sitting beside him. I ride horses and I'm a volunteer at the animal shelter. I like music eg. rock, punk, reggae, etc. In total, just listen to what falls into my head. My hobby is reading books too. Imaginary world and the heroes are usually very exciting. I also write different stories. I like to watch anime and read manga. But I don't have too much time. My dream is to take care of wild animals. Therefore, I would like to go to veterinary studies.

I hope that you are not bored and that it will be even more volunteers who will tell me where I made some mistakes.

Greetings. Pauline. ;)
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