doggyy dog!
2010-03-03 @ 21:42:09
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SWEEEEETTT!!!!! am going to have one such as on the photo!!
2010-03-03 @ 21:33:51
I was today in the cinema!
I saw an amazing movie "Avatar".. it was quite long but realy interesting. Tommorow we are having a competition in school. We will be making it in groups so I won;t compromite myslef;p bye!
2010-02-10 @ 21:47:34
Hi !!!! Today is Wednesay! I am starting lessons tomorow at 8:45! And my firt lesson is technology! I got to go now. It is a bit late, so I am going to sleep.
2010-01-06 @ 19:28:23
Hey hi hello! it's wedensday again;] righ now I am eating my dinner. I know that it is really late for having a dinner. but i had no time earlier! I got to go now! bye
2009-12-16 @ 17:49:16
Hej babies! today is wadnesday;] I finished my lessons at 12 am so I went to the shopping cetre.Now I am at my friend's house and I am going to stay hear till tommorow. I got to go now! bye
2009-12-09 @ 21:38:59
Hi guys!
Today is wednesday, so I should go on areobic lesson. But I had no time to go because today is my daddy's birthday! Happy bdaay dad!
I have to finish now because I have to go to sleep;] bye
2009-12-01 @ 22:50:54
Hi! Today is tuesdy so I hade tennis lesson;] It ws great! Tommorow after school I m going to the opera. I guess it will not be very interesting, will see.
Wish you good night!
2009-11-25 @ 20:48:08
Tommorow school again... We are going to write biology test... dramatic. I am learning all evening today. I have to go to learn some more! I will write next week. bye
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