2009-10-26 @ 16:18:10
I think the weather makes me act a bit down. I behave more and more grumpy. I can't focus on my lessons. My grades are bad. And on top of that, for the past week perfectly around 14 I get headache. Just great...
2009-10-19 @ 18:09:16
I hate when my parrents aren't serious about their promisses. When we had smaller home, they said I'll get a dog after moving to a bigger house. Well, we moved. Then came the next reason - wait for all the rooms to have doors. And when we had doors, they got another argument - we need a Fence. The Fence exist now. Still no dog though.
2009-10-19 @ 17:58:42
I had five hamsters. My first one was Alfred, but after a year he got sick and died. Poor little guy. The second one didn't get a name, because he passed two weaks after we got him. Third one lived only for two days. Rest will be better left in silence.
2009-10-05 @ 18:37:48
I'm sitting in my dads work place right now. My parrents finished a bit earlier, so I stayed alone doing my homework. I've forgotten to tell my father to leave me some money for the bus ticket, and on top of that I accidently destroyed the one I already had in my pocket. Oh well, just my luck...
2009-09-29 @ 11:09:59
My family
2009-09-28 @ 18:11:47
I don't now what I can write here so maybe I tell you about my family? Well, my mom is my mom, my dad is my dad, and my brother...He is...of course I like him but he has many irritating moments. Some times he put his hand on my head and then he call me "chihuahua". Did you see Jeff Dunham show? -_-
2009-09-28 @ 17:34:00
My name is Paulina. I have to write in this blog even if I don't want to. Yes, this is my homework. I'm not really good at english so sorry for my errors. I hope you enjoy.
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