some say :)
2007-03-21 @ 07:46:39
Yoł everyone!! How are you? Ok, thanks for comments. This motivate me to write something else ;P
Today I want to write about love. Maybeit's stupid subject, but this is my blog, yes or no? Yes.
Love.. Thist is really important in my life, I think that in yours too ;) Everyone loves somebody. This person can be, my mum, dad, sisters,or boyfrend, girlfrend. I know only one feelng. Love to my family. I haven't got a boyfrend so, I don't know what it mean" true love" I've got much time to love, so I don't have to hurry ;) Ok, basta amigos :P Bye.......
2007-03-20 @ 08:13:43
Hi... Thanks Michał for really nice comment ;)

So, today, I didn't go to school,and I'm happy becouse of ;) No, don't think that I don't like to go to school ;) I like ;) But sometimes , we want to relaxed ;) Today, is raining :( Again, again, again. Buuu :( mmm I have to finnish , sorry, maybe later I will write something ;)
2007-03-10 @ 10:40:35
So, I thank you very much for anyone person who, commented me :) Ok I try to write about my everyday life's ;) And I feel that I can do this, with your's little help ;) Thank you so much ;)

Today I get up at 9 o'clock. Today is Saturday, so I have to tidy. :) I cleaned all house, so I've got a free time ;) And I talking with my friends now. The weather is bad. It's cloudy ... :( I don't like this weather. I really happy when is sunny. And when is summer.. My favorite season. And in July I have a birthday... But it's for 5 months. A long time. Myszka pleased me to I tell something about me. So Myszka! I don't work! I'm learn. And I'm fifteen years old. If you want to talk with me, please write to me in my GG number: 3663568 . Ok that's all , please comment me ;) Bye;)
First post
2007-03-09 @ 20:15:18
So, I'm started. My new adventures. My english blog. Maybe this teach me. I practise my english ? Oh.. I don't know why I do this. I've got two blogs now. First is in Polish : And the second : This.
I don't know what I should to write. My english isn't bad, but not enough, to write about my life. Yeah.I really like english. And sometimes I talk with other people on Skype. It's very good for me.O.k that's all. Please comment me :) Bye ;)
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