If only...
2010-05-04 @ 20:40:56
I'm waiting for a holiday. My holiday starts in 25th June. I've got so many ideas how I can spend my free time. All of these plans are very useful for me. I want improve my english and german, learn something about our planet and very interesting places on it. I hope I will make my wish come true. My plans are very ambitious, but now I don't have enough time to do everything want i would like. Ok, I must go on a "M jak miłośc".

Ps. I know, my blog posts have many mistakes, if you see something please correct me in comment.
2010-01-20 @ 22:32:54
This is my first blog post. I'm learning English from 9 year, but I can't speak Englisch. I start learning with e-ang.pl and I hope you'll help me. Please correct my all Blog Post.
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