I'm so happy i found this! :)
2014-01-31 @ 13:55:59
omg! finally i found a site, where i can write in english. This site is only for me. I wanna know better english. I don't wanna have any trouble when i write or speak in english. I'm so happy i found this site. That is so amazing :)

Yesterday I was into the doctor, because my tooth hurting me.
He snatched my tooth, because he couldn't do anything else. Now I'm suffer, but I'm taking painkiller, so It is gonna be fine. Hopefully :)

I wanna know better english to. What you think about that we will writing together messages? It can be there. I must exercise my writing and I think that solution will be good idea.
How is your tier english? (I don't know that I say that, but I can't found another translate) My is something between B1 and B2, so I would be gratefull if you correct my mistakes.
I wait for your answer :)

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