Oh my god! ^^
2009-10-08 @ 11:21:01
I'm so happy, because next week, I will be at the School trip. ;) We are going to visit Zoo in Wrocław. We will meet at 9 a.m. at Thursday and come back home at 10 p.m. On Saturday i am going to my friend, because she will be having Sweet Sixteen and she wants to make a party ;)

I will upload some photos next time :D

Ciao ^^

My Birthday ;]
2009-10-01 @ 16:28:25
Today is 1th October so this is a day of my Birthday xD I am sixteen now ^^

My shoots :)
2009-09-27 @ 17:46:32
My legs ;)
And me :D

Now it's time to show Sissi- my friends dog
Hello =)
2009-09-17 @ 11:43:24
My name is Patrycja, and i'm sixteen years old. Actually i'm sitting in class at school and as you can see i'm making my new blog at this site! So i am from Poznań and i live with my parents, sister and with my beautiful hamster Pampers. I love running, because it's the best sport! :) I'm interested in music, dance, photography, fashion and .... English! At my blog I'll write about fashion, new trends from capitals of fashion like Paris, New York and Mediolan...!

So i think that's everything 'bout me! Please comment my blog!

XoXo ;*
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