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2011-01-16 @ 19:54:00
Hi!! It's me again :D. I feel good because the snow is gone. I don't know why everybody write ebaut sportsmen ? The winter holiday's soon.
2010-12-15 @ 23:35:19
Hi It's me again. This term is near to finish. That was the worst day at school. I wrote 4 tests and I hope to pass all of them. Bye
2010-11-24 @ 20:18:51
I hate tests, but I have to write them. I passed english, but i failed another one. I will write again. Today in ma city the weather is awful, but could be worse. I started to read Stephen King. He is a really good writer. I have to finish. I'll be back soon.
Couldn't be worse
2010-11-17 @ 20:19:39
It's the worst week at school in this term. I have so many things to do like learn for the chemistry test. I hate chemistry, but i will pass. Ihope to survive this week to the end.
LOng weekend
2010-11-03 @ 20:34:12
This weekend is near to finich. Unfortunately. I have new furniture and I'm fold on only with my father so I'm exhausted.I'll lern for test so Bye.
nothing intresting
2010-10-20 @ 20:29:05
Hi! It's me again. the first, what i write today is I HATE WEDNESDAY. :D but could be worse. I came back to training, so now I always feel tired and asleep. BYE
2010-10-06 @ 19:44:18
Hi everybody. It's me again. In my opinion this is a really stressful week. Today I write a math. It's was difficult bad I've hope to pass. Tomorrow i will go training canoe. Bye
2010-09-29 @ 16:33:48
Hi,I'm Patryk and I come from Poznan. I'm 16.I've just startet writing this blog. I'd like to improve my Englih this way, because I think, that It's not the best. I'm interested in canoe and books. I will write abaut samething every week. Bye.
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