about the performance
2010-12-11 @ 18:28:00
The performance was generally good , but I forgot some steps . The whole group lived not in a hotel but in houses of other dancers from Wodzisław.I lived with a friend with very rich people , who had a very beautiful hause . they gave us a warm welcome and we spent there great time . Last week I had lots of learning and i couldn't go to training . Today we had general rehearsal of a christmas performance , because on Monday we present it in Tarnowo Podgórne.
and in the weekend .
2010-12-01 @ 17:18:16
Tomorrow I am going with my dance group to Wodzisław Śląski , because we're taking part in dancing workshop and we're showing our performance . We're going to spend about 9 hours in a coach . I will have to learn during the journey , because I'm having a very hard week at school . We're coming back on Sunday night . I'm sure I will be sleepy on Monday at school . In spite of that I'm happy that i will be able to spend time with the people who make all my days bright . <3

When I am dreaming .
2010-11-23 @ 20:52:55
I have lots of fantasies which not only are about my life , but also about the mankind . I would like all the chldren to be loved , people not to hate each other , strangers to smile to each other in the street . It would be wonderful id people were not afraid od dreaming . I know these fantasies are hard to fulfill but I belive that some of them could come true .

'A friend in need is a friend indeed.'
everyday dreams
2010-11-17 @ 21:00:52
I hate Wednesday and Friday because on these days i have the most lessons .
I dream I could go to bed and stay there for all day long not thinking too
much, just to have a break. Unfortunately I can't
do it because i have so many duties . I count down to the weekend to be
able to sleep as long as I need.
beautiful laziness .
2010-11-13 @ 18:01:49
I am having a long weekend from Thursday to Sunday and it makes me happy. Unfortunately I am having a lot of homework and studying . On Wednesday afternoon my aunt and my cousin come from Wrocław . We spent a great time together! ;)On T Thursday was an Independence Day and Saint Martin Day . We went to the centre to admire the parade to buy special cakes .
I am glad that I had some time for myself .

quotation on today :
'A man who knows he is a fool is not a great fool'
reality -.-
2010-11-03 @ 20:57:33
The long weekend ended .I spend this weekend with the family and amongst friends . Tomorrow I must go to school . Soon I have the long weekend again - it is beautiful .

Quotation on today :
'All good things come to an end.'
The Secret . <3
2010-10-25 @ 22:09:57
Today was an exceptonal day , because mu mum surprised me very much . She bought a dog which is still puppy.He called ' Secret'. I hope he weel be my good friend.
I had a biology test , then I was at a training sesion. My group is still rehersing to the November premiere . ;)
Everything and nothing
2010-10-21 @ 06:54:53
These are next quotations . ;)

* Never fear shadows, for shadows only mean there is a light shining somewhere near by.
— Oscar Wilde

* The future starts today, not tomorrow.
— Jan Paweł II (Karol Wojtyła)

*A man can be destroyed, but not defeated.
— Ernest Hemingway

Yesterday I had the training three hours long. It was so great ! ;)
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