I'am starting pharmacy :D
2010-06-19 @ 13:23:26
Yesterday, I was at my new school in Rzeszów. I filed documents : applications, 4 photographs, certifying of the doctor and copy of the identity card :) I think, this school is great, because the people are understanding and really fine :) I was accepted and I am starting pharmacy in September :D I hope, that I will get by :)

The 1 september he will be the particular day of my life, I suppose so :) Keep your fingers crossed! But in only in two months...

I promise,I will be keeping my fingers crossed but I think that it`s your achievement also now :)
oh,and I forgot :D Change your logo :D
Oh, I would like to study pharmacy on Medical Academy in Wrocław but I'm afraid about my Matura Exam results, I'm not certain if they are sufficient. But I hope so because it's my dream. I'll keep my fingers crossed for yourself and of course myself. Our plans have to come true! :)

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