First post.
2010-06-14 @ 16:13:09
I Welcome you in my small virtual world :D

This is my first note on this blog. I don't know what I should write here, but I try write something "normal" ;). If I make some mistakes, PLEASE CORRECT ME! It's relevant and important for me. Okay, maybe something about me? I'm Paulina, I live in Rzeszów and I have 19 years.
I like animals, Great Britain and some kind of music, for example rock or pop. What else? Hmmm. I have a brown hairs, light gray eyes but.. it's not important here;) Here - is important my english. And therefore I wanna write here somethimes.

Ok, will be enought on today ;)
Please, correct my tekst if I make mistakes!

Believe me that correcting our mistakes on a blog is not the most important. The main idea is to write and practice. You'll improve your language skills with time. :)
What band do you like the most? Or to that band are you listening to the most these days? I like rock too. You can install an English dictionary in your browser I'm sure it can help.
Greets. :))

I think this blog is very clever idea. Many of peoples can practice here. I'm also curios about what band do you like.
Good luck!
Thanks for commentaries :) My favourite band is Linkin Park, but I think... that they aren't playing the rock, but numetal.
Hi! Linkin Park? I sometime listen their songs. I'm beginnig too. I'm waiting for your next note (: Then I'll write more. Good luck in English!
I like Linkin Park too. I love listening music. Emm... My favourite bands are Green Day, Placebo, Paramore... But I like also more calm performers like Katie Melua. Have anyone of you heard any songs from her new album? :) If yes, which do you like at most?

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