I'am starting pharmacy :D
2010-06-19 @ 13:23:26
Yesterday, I was at my new school in Rzeszów. I filed documents : applications, 4 photographs, certifying of the doctor and copy of the identity card :) I think, this school is great, because the people are understanding and really fine :) I was accepted and I am starting pharmacy in September :D I hope, that I will get by :)

The 1 september he will be the particular day of my life, I suppose so :) Keep your fingers crossed! But in only in two months...
Nothing specially ...
2010-06-17 @ 20:30:58
Hi :) in this moment, I watching a fotball match on TVP2 witch my mom, massacre, because I don't like watching this :/ for me it is terrible boring ;) Between time, I waiting for my fiance, he should to be on skype in half an hour.
I miss him so much :( ...........................
Something still...
2010-06-14 @ 20:52:04
"I try don't lie because the true is relevant for me,my family and fiance."

If I must do something, I do this in quiet. I like study english and write a poems. In sunday, my fiance arrive from London, he was been here a per month and I miss him very much, really. I love him so much... . We have a future plans, for example we marry in next year. I like think about him, when I think... I fell butterflyies on my stomach. Its wonderfull and great felling. Its not at all but .... enough.

My favourite holiday's? Of course, I have a dreams, when I and my fiance Paweł cross the border and relax in Turkey per week.This a good and romantic place for us - I suppose so, and I really wanna see this country, maybe... in future...we will see. In 4 days, we go to the brother fiance wedding. I think this party should be good and nice because take place on Ines Hotel on Sedziszów. Must be more food and good music! Its really relevant! The atmosphere too. Personally I think, my wedding in next year certainly be better.Why? The answer is straight! Its my wedding :)
Today I don't have any plans. Maybe I play the computer games? Or listen to music? I don't know. The weather is great, sunny and little windy (25 degrees). 30 minutes ago there was a storm and I was must switch off the computer and TV, but now is ok. I read the magazines, onet.pl and tvn24.pl - nothing new. Now, I write this note because I like do this (...) I don't remember when I was wear contact lenses ... its relevant because the old contact lenses I must take down and buy new pair. My favourite contact lenses ? FreshLook Colours, of course! The price is good and comfort wear, and colour (true sapphire). Its my first colour contanct lenses in my life. Today, my fiance go to the London museum's and art galleries, for example Tate Britain. I have a hope, that he will take a photo.

Bye :)
First post.
2010-06-14 @ 16:13:09
I Welcome you in my small virtual world :D

This is my first note on this blog. I don't know what I should write here, but I try write something "normal" ;). If I make some mistakes, PLEASE CORRECT ME! It's relevant and important for me. Okay, maybe something about me? I'm Paulina, I live in Rzeszów and I have 19 years.
I like animals, Great Britain and some kind of music, for example rock or pop. What else? Hmmm. I have a brown hairs, light gray eyes but.. it's not important here;) Here - is important my english. And therefore I wanna write here somethimes.

Ok, will be enought on today ;)
Please, correct my tekst if I make mistakes!
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