2006-07-20 @ 21:59:23
YEAH!!! Today i was watching tv..... and...?? hmm i think that my boyfriend doesnt love me. he is in pulawy,and he's with other girl-->perhaps. im very mad.... but ... in a world are other, better boys... i hope so:D:D:D:D yeah...im mad and sad but i think that its stupid problem:] and i dont cry,because he's got a problem, not me:]. im nice,but he can kiss my ass now:]. Bye ...:* my today note ist nice,im sorry im mad:] thanks for comments:*:*:*:*
2006-07-19 @ 22:30:32
Hi! it was veeerrry boring day ... i was quarreling with my mum !! she was shouting at me. i dont understand it...its horrible:].Yeah!!! i'm going to go to bulgaria on 23. im ina heaven:D:D:D:D ya!!! ok i'm going to bed bye bye:*:*:*:* kisses for my best friend agatka and my boyfriend kamil:*:*:* and for UUUUUU
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