the end...
2007-05-06 @ 09:41:43
ohhh... long weekend come closer the end :( I don't wanna this. But I total forgot about church, but not about school. in monday i have one short test from WOS, in wednesday - from math and in Thursday - a big test from chemistry. But yet only one month and HOLIDAY !:D I'm not going to tell you what i will be do - I'll tell you later because now I haven't time. So bye ;*
sweet ;*
2007-05-04 @ 15:51:54
Today is very good day ;D I think so. Abaut six o'clock my friend Natalie will come to me ;D and we'll be have a good time ( i hope that ) because she'll stay at me on the night. we must go to shop and buy some sweets. but now I haven't anything to do. ouww.. that's so sad <lol> really ? that's the reason why i'm writing this chit. it was a great idea so that establish this blog. I'm very happy. so... see you later ;*
oops ;D
2007-05-03 @ 13:30:26
Hi ;) This is my first webside at English, but i hope this blog will be good. My name is Agnieszka and I'm fourteen. I learn English 4 years but I think that it's not long. I'd like know English so much and I'd like to go to England. But now it's only my dream :( It's everything what i wanna say (or maybe write?) see you :*
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