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13th of September
2012-09-13 @ 10:01:16
This is my first tekst. I'd like to write something fresh, new, interesting. But today I'm not in a good mood. I feel like such a loser. I'm so fed up with my professional life at the moment and nothing really changes as the months pass.
It seems that anything doesn't ever go right for me in my life.
Do I exaggerate? Likely I do. I got married a great man and also I've got a real friend which I can rely on. I know it's all the happiness is indeed but for no particular reason It's not enough to make me happy at all. I need something else. I'd like to feel I still develop myself and the others appreciate all my effort and hard work. I need more motivation. I'd like to earn more then now and do any things more interesting for myself and necessary for the others.
I know I'm the only one who can change my life, but how the hell do I do that? I haven't found it out yet.
Why am I here?
2012-09-12 @ 22:35:06
I have created the blog because I need more practice in english. This is the space I can put my thoughts into english words and perfect my english this way. I still learn so please, forgive me a lot of mistakes (every comments can help me do it better).

Greetings :)
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