2007-03-27 @ 20:31:41
It was a cold day in the middle of October. She was walking down the street with headphones in her ears. She has just reached to the bus stop. The rain was still fallen. She hid under the small roof and put her hands to the pockets. After long time had passed the she was finally in bus. She has taken the seat on the end of the bus. She stared on the viev over the window. Her phone was ringing and ringing in her bag. She finally has answered the mobile. It was her little cousin Agness. She wanted her to sing a lullaby to goodnight. She started singing, firstly it was quite quietly but then she absolutly forgotten about that where she is. She was singing as long as her little cousin had fallen asleep.A little bit disgusted and ashamed she turned her face to the window.In one moment she didn’t expected anything somebody has come up to her.
-I am sorry, who are you? – Asked some man.
-I am Depty Ilagita Inari, but you can call me D-Dee. And what about?
-I heard how you are singing… I am from music studio. You has really beautiful voice. That’s my visiting card, call me if you want do the career in showbuissnes. I really need somebody like you – He gave her piece of paper and turned on. She opend her mouth of surprised. When she leaved the bus and walked to the institute she still cant belive in that what had just happened.
New story
2007-02-24 @ 22:28:30
Hi, I am starting with new story. Tommorow will be first note. Love yaaa guys :*
lalalala ollenka like always rullez! :*
2007-02-11 @ 10:03:27
Hi guyes! What's new about you? I am exceiting of writteing in english! I hope somebody will read it... Maby I will write here some story. I don't know yet!

I will writte son!
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