2011-02-23 @ 17:43:50
Everyone wonders what the most important thing in human life is. In my opinion, the most vital value which really matters is happiness. What does happiness mean to me ? It is a joy of life which I feel independently of circumstances. In other words, I realize thet some better and worse things must happen in my life, but what really matters is that I have got a gift of life, which I am grateful for.And thet is for me primry source of happines.
Happiness is the most important thing in human life ! <3
2011-02-23 @ 17:23:44
Valentines day ;d
2011-02-17 @ 16:57:53
Not a long time ago valentines cared about us in our country. As far as St. Valentine's Day is concerned, people can be divided into two groups, its followers or opponents. According to the firs group, St. Valentine's Day is worth celebrating, whereas the other grup claim that it does not make sense to celebrate it.
I must admit that I belong to the first group. Not only do I support Valentine's Day but I always observe it. I give symbolic presents to all those whom I love. I also send special greeting cards called Valentines wiht poems or declarations of love. <3 :)
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