What does love mean to you ?
2010-10-08 @ 17:18:47
Do you often wonder what love means to you ? I hope you because it is a very important question. However, it is not so easy to answer it, as so for no one has managed to define a concept of love. However I thing about love, I come to conclusion that my life without love would be impossible.
My best Friend ;)
2010-10-08 @ 17:11:06
As for me, I cannot imagine my life without friendship. I really believe that everybody should have their best friend to live a happy and joyful life. That is why I am very glad that I managed to meet someone special a few years ago and that yhis person became my best friend. Let me Introduce her to you ! ;-)
She first name is Monika and she is eighteen years old. She lives in Swarzedz.You may wonder what she looks like. In my opinion, sie is beautiful gisl. Sie is tall, about 169 and well - built. She has got green eyes and long dark hair. Her nose is rather small and her mouth is wide. Monika usually wears T-shirt, jeans and trainers. However, it is not her physical appearance which is so important. What really matters to me is her personality. No doubt, Monika is very responsible - she always does what she promised to do. What is more, she is also decisive - she can make decisons quickly. Besides, Monika is ambitious - she wants to be successful in life and I am sure her dreams will come true because she is very intelligent, hard - working and persistent.
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