Happiness is the most important thing in human life !
2010-12-15 @ 13:40:06
Everyone woonders that the most important thing in human life is. In my opinion, the most vital value which really matters is happines. What does happines mean tome ?It is a joy of life which I feel independently of circumstances. In other words, I realise that some better and worse things must happen in my life, but what really matters is that I have got a gift of life, which I am grateful for. And that is for me the primary source of happiness.
Does it mean that the only thing which makes me happy is the fack thet I exist ? Of course, not. I am simply enthusiastic about small things - I think I can enjoy my everyday life.I do not wait for some unusual events which may never happen. Whai is more, I really try to be in a good mood, and if is not possible I do my best to relieve stress. I realize taht I cannot achieve everything in my life - success, career, rchness etc. But it does not make me depressed, as I appreciate what I have got - good heath, a loving family and some good friends. And I will be the happiest person in the world if nothing changes for worse. ;-)

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