2010-12-13 @ 00:44:47
I think that winter is an evil.
I'm a little bit frozen. My mind and my body is frozen, too.
I need a holiday time. Now!

I always feel sleepy when I need to study !
so I'm going to bed ^^.
2010-12-05 @ 23:33:10
We have a lot of snow outside. It's so cold and I can't stand this winter
On Thursday I couldn't go to school because trains and buses didn't go.

Tommorow - two tests.

I'm in very bad mood today.

Anyway my phone broke down. Hurray!
2010-11-24 @ 19:15:28
Today started so gorgeous but day isn't ending pleasantly.
I feel illness but I don't care about it.
Next week will be hard so I just dream about Friday and Saturday at home.
2010-11-17 @ 19:36:14
I'm watching live in Internet 'experiment buried'. Polish student of psychology closed himself in a COFFIN per 24 hours. He's connected with us by Facebook and he has camera which is showing us what he's doing. He started at 12 o'clock 17th November and he'll leave the coffin at 12 o'clock 18th November. I think he's crazy, but this experiment may help him to pass the year at school.
Now he's talking a lot.

I'm watching that instead of study for a test of Bible.
I'm terrified of the tests on Thursday and Friday. (Polish and Chemistry)
one, two, three...
2010-11-03 @ 16:46:26
On Saturday I came back home. I was taking relax. Now, I'm in the flat.
And I'm thinking about school and homework. I must study, again. ;(
But I need some time relax and I can do homework.

I'm sitting on the chair with cup of coffee in my hand. I'm thinking about love, friendships and happiness, which are around me. I'm enjoyed. I have a lot of luck in my life. I don't like think about problems. They must disappear, now.

Problems have reservation on the night.

I listen to music.
And dream about a party and free time.

I'm so lazy after this 'holiday'.

song : click
No gettin over'
2010-10-26 @ 18:06:12
I was at the school trip with my class. We were in Kudowa. Trip was very satisfactory. I didn't think that I have so adwesome class! ;)
We were there 3 days (Friday-Sunday) and ofc, we came back exhausted.
On Monday everybody were sleeping during the lessons.

Btw, I had great weekend and I'm happy cause I met a lot of friends today and yesterday. Some of them I haven't seen long long time so I think that there were nice meetings.

I'm so tired and I'm dreaming about my bed.
But I must read mythology and study.

`All the things I know right now
If I only knew back then

I feel homesick.

song at the party: click ; ))
caffeine into yours veins `
2010-10-17 @ 22:53:08
I had a hard day. I was so moody and tired. I got up at 6 and Ewa took me on the session. I'm enjoy photos despite that sunrise wasn't delicious.
I'm frightened of tommorow. We have the test of maths. We have 3 tests in this week and 3 in next. Hurray!

Btw, I miss my friends who are at homes. I'm angry that I can't take them with me to my flat. ;(

Kinga has birthday on Saturday. She's sweet sixteen now. ;)
Best wishes for U, baby! <3

song at consolation klik
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