Carnival's trip
2012-02-20 @ 18:11:41
I come back from trip with my girlfriends. I enjoyed a trip. We went to carnival by train. We danced, ate and slept in a hotel. Hotel was small, but very nice. On a dinner we ate mushroom soup, chicken fillet and dessert. Music was not in our style, but we danced some times. I like spend time with my girlfriends :)

Football match
2012-02-16 @ 01:20:29
Tomorrow I will go to pub, to watch football matches. In Europe Cup play Wisła Cracov and Legia Warsaw. I hope that polish clubs win their matches. Ever day I don't fan of Wisła i Legia, but when polish club play in Europe Cup I keep my fingers :)
2012-02-13 @ 22:46:38
Today I watched film "Brothers". Film about war in Afganistan. First brother was marines, he had wife and two kids. His father don't like second brother. When marines went to war, their life change. Film told about love of men to girl, love of brothers and of father to son. I recommendation this film :)
About me
2012-02-12 @ 18:20:48
It's my first post, so good morning everyone :) Something about me... My name is Luke, 23 yo. My age isn't too young, so I take nick - Old Ass (small joke) :)

When other my school friend learned english, I played football... Nine years I learn this language, but my english is so basic... Now, when I search job, I see, that my english must be better. I want learn english, and I belive, that I can :) I need your help, if you're reading my blog, I please for correct my post :)
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