Hi guys!!
2006-08-26 @ 12:30:36
Hi guys, what's up. This is my new english blog, I will write here in english, I have two other blog's. www.us5-richie.mylog.pl and www.sweet---love.mylog.pl come in and comment my notes. I will make this blog becouse I love this language, I love spanish too.Maybe I will write something about me, so.My name is Ola and I was born in gliwice 14 years ago.

If are there any mistakes, please correct me :*:*

Good luck for everybody, kisses for you:*

It's nice to meet you :D
Yes, there are few mistakes, but don't worry :D
*what's up
*I will write [u]here in[/u] English
good luck to you to :D
lovely blog.
I've got a queston. (napisze po polsku) co zrobilas ze masz ten obrazek na gorze ja robie wszystko i mi sie nie chce ustawis. dzieki z gory!!

where are yuo from??

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