2010-11-25 @ 20:13:09
Today the weather was horrible. It was little snowy , but it was raining a bit and it was cold! This week is really boring -nothing is happening -really! I just wait for Xmas and winter holidays
third post.
2010-11-15 @ 18:54:15
yesterday I got back from camping so I am very tired and I want to sleep, but I can not because tomorrow I have a lot of tests again ...

second post.
2010-11-09 @ 17:24:18
Tomorrow is a very tough day because I have a test of German and I have to write an essay on Polish and learn the history. but for two days starting the long weekend!
about me.
2010-11-03 @ 20:48:37
HI! my name is Ola. I have sixteen years old. I`m from Poznań. My favourite hobby is music. I am writing this blog on the need for T.I lessons
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