2010-07-30 @ 22:21:54
I love listening to music.
Do you?
Which kind of music and which bands or performers do you like?
2010-06-25 @ 19:03:43
Has anyone known how to change picture on top?

2010-06-25 @ 18:36:06
Yeah, it's finish. The holiday started. I'm very happy.
Unfortunately, the weather today isn't pleasing for holiday. And... I haven't felt the school finished yet. I hope tommorow will be better.
I'm going to amount to basement all books and relax all evening.
What are your plans for first evening of holiay...

OMG. I feel I did a lot of mistakes... Is it true?


PS Thanks, Milaa, you wrote the post. :)
My start
2010-06-24 @ 20:23:39
My name's Ola and I'm 14.
I've never written blog and same things in English, so I'm a little bit scared I won't manage to do it.
If I'll make mistake, please, tell me about it and correct me. :)
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