My friends
2007-05-02 @ 10:56:13
I don't know what I can write about so I'll describe my friends. Their names are Paula, Zosia and Natka. Although we have diffirent characters, we like each others very much. Paula is a crazy girl whose hobbies are dancing and maths. Zosia is rather calm and shy but he is very happy and joyful. Natka is a very nice girl who paints the best in the worls. She also loves singing and doing other artistic things. And this is all. I have much more friends in my class and school but these are the most important for me. In the past we created a family Beznazwiska consists of me- grandmother, Paula- my daughter, Zosia- Paula's husband, Natka- my second daughter, Kasia- Natka's husband and Klaudia- my granddaughter. Kasia and Klaudia are also my friends from the class. I know this was very childish but we had a lots of fun. Now we are older so our family doesn't exist any more. But we have some mentions...
2007-05-01 @ 08:19:43
I'm in a very good mood:) I'm free!!!! Yesterday there was the last day at school before the long weekend.. And today I'll sit at house and watch some films, and launge about and play the piano, read books....I'll do nothing!!! and I'm happy realizing this fact...
Yesterday I decided to bring my dog from dad's work. I have 2 dogs- Anton and Max and I love them very much. But one of them is very impolite and wild and he runs away all the time, destroys neighbour's backyard, makes a noise... So we had to get him to the cage because this is the only way to tame Max. But yesterday I brought him back to my house and....the effects were terrible...He was so impolite that I had to get him back to dad's work after an hour... In spite of that fact I love him very very much:)
Hello everybody!
2007-05-01 @ 08:17:03
Hi! I'm Ola and I'm fifteen years old. I live in Tychy and I like my city. I'm interested in many diffirent things like sport, music, reading books, animals and of course learning English. This is also a reason why I estabilished this blog. I want to improve this language because I want to travel around the world and communicate with other people. This is the very nice experience to talk to others, to find out about diffirent cultures etc. So I'd like to speak English better and better and that's why this blog exist.
I think this is all for now... I hope, it'll appear new note soon and I'll try to conduct this blog regularly:)

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