2010-10-28 @ 22:02:23
Autumn is very nice! I like the colorfol leaves on the trees and on the ground!
Now, there are a lot of beautiful sights!
The thing I don't like is that the day is not so long...
When I'm going to school is darkness and when I comming back is darkness again! That's horrible!
I must study now for tomorrow!
See ya!
My hobbies
2010-10-28 @ 21:57:35
I love travelling and skiing!
Travels are very cool! I'm travelling with my family and alone, with classmates, with some groups of people from Poznań etc.
I had been already in Croatia, England, Germany, Iatly and other countrys!
I like getting know new people, their coulters and their languages...
And about skiing. I'm learning skiing since I was a child. And I'm still doing this.
Have a nice day
2010-10-28 @ 21:53:16
Music is one of the best things in the whole World! I love listeing to music in my free time!
Esspecialy, I like Clueso and Snow Patrol.
Clueso is a German singer. He has vary nice song textes.
Snow Patrol is a band from Irland. They have very nice music. I like them!
So that's all about music.
See you!
2010-10-28 @ 21:48:36
uuh! This week was so horrible! I didn't have time for myself! I had to study almost all the time!
I had a test from History, a quiz from biology etc.
I met today with my friend Kasia and we were studing togother for tomorrows test from IT....
I think that this weekend will be the best weekend from the beginning! We have monday, tuesday and wensday free! ;]
Hi again ;)
2010-10-14 @ 18:24:55
I think that this blog isn't not good idea, but unfortunately I must write it. At me nothing interested doesn't happen, the usual, grey commonplaceness. And it's literally, because the autumn came , is gloomily out of doors and more quickly it's getting darkly. A lot learnings ,I have already on myself first tests. And how every week anxiously I wait for Friday ;)
Something about me ;)
2010-09-30 @ 19:44:00
Hi, I'm Ola, I'm 16 yers old, I live in Poznań.I attend to high school number 9. My hobby is play tannis, listen to music. I would like to go to the university of medicine in Poznań, so I choose profile biology and chemistry.
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