Rich and beautiful
2009-08-23 @ 22:38:28
Yesterday I with my fiance were on grill party in his friends hause. It was very nice party but... I really like them but we are so different. My fiance is 7 years older than me and they too. Everybody except us have a children, big hauses, rich parents and good jobs. What can I say? I'm just poor student! And here we have a problem... They always talk about expensive trips, new furniture or lands which they already bought. My fiance isn't so rich like them but he doesn't see any problem. But I feel very bad. Meybe You think that I'm stupid girl who just think about money but it isn't true. I'm very happy but when I meet with them I begin be sad. Besides, girls always talk about their kids- all the time I hear what pile did Adaś today or why Karolinka cried yesterday. And guys always talk about sport... Am I crazy? Or is this normal that I feel so strange? I forgot to say that they know each other about 15 years and me just 2 1 year
First note
2009-08-20 @ 18:58:23
It's summer. But I don't feel that. Every day just work and work... Even Sundays. I had one week off but so what -if it was raining. I was so angry because of that. All 7 days in the most beautiful place in Poland- Sopot. I love this city. You will never meet that special climate in another place.
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