2014-01-09 @ 18:41:55
Today nothing about bad luck.

I have bad luck:
- I was almost hit by a car
- I found out my microwave doesn't work
- I found out my invoice for internet must be payed doubled
- my plan for tomorrow is ruined and I won't eventually rest as I assumed before
- my fridge is empty

I have luck:
-I was almost hit by a car but finally I wasn't
-I assumed my microwave was broken before, today it stopped working - since today I'll eat more healthy food.
- I found out my invoice for internet must be paid doubled - good point it's not tripled and I got it on time, it won't be any debts
- I changed my plan for tomorrow - I'll see what interesting things it will bring.
- my fridge is empty - I'll fill out my fridge with new, delicious assortment.

I neither have bad luck nor luck:
- my fridge is always empty

So it's all about how we see things.
2014-01-08 @ 19:14:34
Mostly I do it for myself. Don't take it personally. As main character of one of my favourites series say "I have a need". Who knows who knows. So it goes. I have a need. Writing need.

Too many dots. As always. Sometimes they are alone. Left by themselves. Sometimes in groups. Who knows. But they are always dots, they have different meanings, but they remain the same inside. Too many dots, too many faces or just. Too many.

I don't want to do something special, I don't wanna be poet or something - nothing from this. Practise language skills, maybe it's an excuse. Maybe I just wanna be listened or 'heared' only. Sophisticated obligation of society. Listen and be listened. Depends what it means for individual. It always depends.

So this is it. My mobile is calling - I don't answer it. I'll never be a slave in this case. In other is more difficult. What kind of slave are you? No, I'm not encouraging you. I'm forcing me, myself and I. To think. Even if I do it a lot. Much too much. And on the contrary too less. If your thoughts doesn't cause any movement even at your own head - does it score? And if does then...what for? Why everything must be scored?

I score you today.
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