2014-01-09 @ 18:41:55
Today nothing about bad luck.

I have bad luck:
- I was almost hit by a car
- I found out my microwave doesn't work
- I found out my invoice for internet must be payed doubled
- my plan for tomorrow is ruined and I won't eventually rest as I assumed before
- my fridge is empty

I have luck:
-I was almost hit by a car but finally I wasn't
-I assumed my microwave was broken before, today it stopped working - since today I'll eat more healthy food.
- I found out my invoice for internet must be paid doubled - good point it's not tripled and I got it on time, it won't be any debts
- I changed my plan for tomorrow - I'll see what interesting things it will bring.
- my fridge is empty - I'll fill out my fridge with new, delicious assortment.

I neither have bad luck nor luck:
- my fridge is always empty

So it's all about how we see things.

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