2007-05-16 @ 07:26:41
it rains..but it's quite warm.
I haven't written for 2 or 3 days..I have to go to school, I don't want it ;>
I bought short chequered trousers,belt and headband.All right, I've got to go..
52 days.
2007-05-12 @ 09:23:30
the next day..
I've woken up after 6, so I've done quite a bit things..for example: I've eaten breakfast, tidied my room,done my homework from english.Now I'm drinkin' tea and listenin' to music.
all right.. I haven't finished homework yet;>
2007-05-11 @ 22:26:48
so.. I'm here again.
I haven't grilled 'cause the weather gives us no chance. I don't complain. I've gone for a wolk with my dog. ;]
Ok. I'll go to sleep but I can't sleep..I don't know why. Maybe I'm not tired enugh..but I practice every day.And also I'm trying to keep fit :)
I'll go. Good night.
53 days..
2007-05-11 @ 10:13:12
all right, I'm beginer so I don't know what to write.Today is friday, I've thought that it's gonna be very good weekend but I've disillusioned.
I'll spend my time probably with people that I don't like a lot..Somehow I'll survive ;>

I haven't gone to school again ;D but this time I've had to clean furniture in my mom's room.It's not to much 'cause yesterday I had to claer up whole flat.
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