hello (;
2010-11-30 @ 17:20:30
Few days have passed since I last wrote, hope you've been waiting for this note. <i imagine you refreshing my blog ten times a day in hope of seeing a new note> ;D

The snow is falling all around the country, eastern Poland is suffering the most these days I guess. I wish I could have hugged my mother who is probably struggling with this awful wather everyday. Nothing is lost, at the end of the week I will go to the Siemiatycze, as usual.
But for now I have to concentrate on the school, "plusz" pills and "mocna kawa" are supposed to help me.

With the every next test I am getting less sleep, yesterday I've sleept four and half an hour which is definitelly not enaugh, that was easy to notice when I was falling on the tables during the lessons at school. Anyway, present wather reminds me of comming christmas which means some extra days of being lazy.

That's all for now, I hope that something exciting will happen soon so I would have something nice to write about.

See ya.!
hey ;D
2010-11-13 @ 23:22:54
I wish it wasn't another note consisting of complainments about grades and since dreams come true - let it be.
The long weekend finally came! And surprisingly I didnt even notice when it passed, so true. Today is Saturday and the weekend is about to expire. And the very sad fact is that it was the last long break before christmas, I guess. For the last three days I felt so elated, day by day I were sleeping almost till the midday. And seems like the same will happen tomorrow <rubbing hands> Endings of my notes are being quite similar to each other, ain't they? And I am lazy, you know. Just read last few sentences from the previous note.

2010-11-03 @ 22:38:46
I've writen short note few days ago, but I haven't writen anything longer for couple of days but I've got pretty good excuse. What I mean is All Saint's Day which we've been celebrating like two days ago. For that special time I went to Siemiatycze in case to visit graves of my closest family, together with my mom and dad. Guess, there is nothing more to add, just a ordinary mourning.
For the rest of the long weekend I've been hanging around with my friends. Today I went to the cinema. The film was supposed to be scarrying or atleast exciting but actually it wasn't - that was pretty disappointing for me.
Tomorrow long weekend ends, but not that long time will pass - exactly two days for us to welcome another long weekend!
See ya (;
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