2010-10-31 @ 14:55:59
Finally I have a long weekend. I'm in Siemiatycze and I'm not doing anything useful or important. So i'm going to go somewhere..;p By.
Hello ;)
2010-10-24 @ 21:56:50
I've been waiting for this moment so long and that moment has come, today. For last few months I was sleeping on materac-ka (that’s how my friend called my air bad ;D ), I liked her but I guess my back wasn't really happy about that. And now it changed, bed which I've bought about month ago finally came (: From now on I am going to enjoy all the profits which sleeping on comfortable bed brings even so my bed is kinda tough.
Moreover, I wanted to announce that since Thursday my family is wider - my little cousin was born, can't wait for seeing him.
Whenever I haven't got anything to write about... I write about my grades, or rather complain bout' them. i'm not very happy about them..my parents too, but it's not that bad taht it could be i think ;D
2010-10-07 @ 18:22:50
That's almost the end of the week but there is still some work to be done before it ends up. Tomorrow I am sitting a math test but I'm still not prepared which means nothing more that I'll end up my evening with learning and propably end late night. I already received one bad mark and I am not willing to get another one. There is also bright side which makes me think let's say 'possitive',
I am going to visit my family and friends in Siemiatycze, miss them. Due to that fact I am going to miss party organised by one of my friends, unfortunatelly. As if it wasn't enaugh learning there is also biology test waiting for me on monday, great. Seems like on Saturday I'll have some time to improve my biology knowleadge while traveling back to Poznań, yeah, that was my dreamed end of the weekend...</3
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