2010-12-21 @ 18:26:07
Today I'm really happy because of free time which has finally came. We're going to school tomorrow but we have no classes at all and we're having our class christmas eve. Today we had something like that but at english lesson, it was really nice. We gave some little gifts to each other and spent a little time together.

I have all my my grades except one. It's not bad but it could be better of course ;D

Tomorrow I am going to go to my motherland which is Eastern Poland ;D Long travel is waiting for me but I'm glad in fact of this because I haven't been there for so long time as I am going to be there now. I'm staying there even for new year and then I'm goin back to Poznań and school is going to start again, but I am not thinking about it for now.

See you soon (;

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