2010-12-11 @ 22:07:50
As usual on Saturdays I am in Siemiatycze, luckily. The way from Poznań to Siemiatycze wasn't so smooth this time. We've encountered few obstacles which lenghten our way for about three hours. I was at home on 1 a.m, I didn't even speak with my mom - I went straightly to my bed and imidiatelly felt asleep.

This week as I was in Poznań I went to the open-air skaterink, that wasn't good idea at all - It was cold and freezing and to be honest I had no idea how to skate.

Today I went to the restaurant with my friends, we've eaten pizza what made me feel pretty bad but It's already alright now.

Christmas atmosphere is easily visible almost everywhere what makes me feel like singing - I can't stand waiting for christmas break!
But not only the break is that what I am waiting for, the other things that bring smiley on my face are New Year's Eve and Studniówka.

I guess that's all what I wanted to say for now but for sure I'll drop a next note soon.

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