hello (;
2010-11-30 @ 17:20:30
Few days have passed since I last wrote, hope you've been waiting for this note. <i imagine you refreshing my blog ten times a day in hope of seeing a new note> ;D

The snow is falling all around the country, eastern Poland is suffering the most these days I guess. I wish I could have hugged my mother who is probably struggling with this awful wather everyday. Nothing is lost, at the end of the week I will go to the Siemiatycze, as usual.
But for now I have to concentrate on the school, "plusz" pills and "mocna kawa" are supposed to help me.

With the every next test I am getting less sleep, yesterday I've sleept four and half an hour which is definitelly not enaugh, that was easy to notice when I was falling on the tables during the lessons at school. Anyway, present wather reminds me of comming christmas which means some extra days of being lazy.

That's all for now, I hope that something exciting will happen soon so I would have something nice to write about.

See ya.!

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