My hair routine (again) .
2012-11-07 @ 19:19:39
So , I want to tell you , what I use to get healthy , strong and beautifull hair . So first thing is my shampoo from polish mark : Joanna 'rzepa' . Is super great for too much oil hair . 2nd shampoo is for blonde hair from Henna color .-venita . I use it sometimes , cuz I like to use other shampoo . My conditioner is moisture rich 'TRESemme' , for dry or damaged hair . I use sometimes masque too . From TRESemme for hair prone to breaakge &split ends . And , some time ago my friend buy me in Poland some specific conditioner 'nafta kosmetyczna' I like it much .I think it's more good than other conditioners . When winter comes , I use Olive oil sheen spray , for oil my hair when It's so dry . And for my split ends I use serum TRESemme for split ends . I ingest tablets , It's too from Poland : Skzyp polny and nettle . Really sorry for my bad polish d: I hope you enjoy that , I really recommend that all :)

Bless you ,
Caroline xoxo
2012-07-12 @ 10:58:49
Today at 7am I was in shop , because I want to buy a conditioner from TRESemme . I buyed smooth & silky conditioner . How it works :
-Deeply hydrates your hair for a silky-smooth feel.
-Tames unruly frizz and flyaways – thanks to its nourishing formula with vitamin H and silk proteins.
-Leaves your hair looking polished and salon-smooth.
-Lightweight formula is ideal for daily use.

I like shampoos and conditioners from this mark and Mane 'n tail ;)
When you have any questions - ask me , I will answer :)

Heyy everyone .
2012-07-11 @ 20:52:30
Today was a boring day...what can I say it's just..I'll be tomorrow :) Byee , bye : *

Shopping , shopping , shopping !
2012-07-10 @ 19:35:25
Today I was in shop gallery in London . I bought new dress , blouse , leggings , bag , shoes , and lipstick ;) So . Lipstick is number 134 from Gosh velvet touch . It's nude color , but I like color like that . For now , It's my favourite lipstick ever ;)

Hello my dear bloggers ;)
2012-07-10 @ 11:31:45
Hii everyone . :) I'm so happy , cuz tomorrow I will get my third tattoo yay .! I want to tattoo a name of my mother . I love her so much , and I just want to do this . I told her about that and she said '' fine , that's your body , so do with it what you want'' . I hope alright will be fine :) What do you think about this tattoo ? Comment ;)

Hair routine .
2012-07-09 @ 21:41:05
So in february I was cut my hair :(I'm so sad about that because I was have hair to half of my shoulder , and now I have only outreach my arms . Btw , I just want to tell u guys that , what I use for my hair . So first will be a shampoo it's from Mane 'n tail shampoo and body . It's used both people and horses .micro-enriched protein formula provides 'down to the skin' cleansing action and conditioning ,leaving the hair soft and shiny . Before I use a TressEmme shampoo for colore , treated hair , but that was not good at all . Second will be a conditioner . It's from Pantene - nature fusion - smooth vitality for silky smooth hair . Hm...It's good because this leave hair kinda moistened . Third will be a serum from Pantene . It repair and protect the hair . This serum helps lock in moisture to the driest areas of your hair at the tips . I have a 4 hairbrush , 6 combs . I comb my hair twice or more at day . I hope it will help you :)

Bless yall,
2012-07-09 @ 16:02:29
Hello people . I haven't been online last few months . Im really sorry for this I hope you'll understand me :)
Ice rink :)
2011-12-23 @ 20:26:16
I'm in home right now...I was in the ice rink :) It's was my first time that I was in the ice rink :) I felt and still feel tired .. but it was worth ;p I have something with the elbow...but that's nothing for me :) I fell down for 15 times , but I don't broke my legs or hands :) Oww...I will come back to the ice rink on Tuesday :) Ow and Happy x-mas everyone !! ; *

Ice rink !!
2011-12-22 @ 21:00:01
Yay , tomorrow I will go to the rink (ice rink) :) I'm so happy ;]]

Hairstyles for 'Agga' .
2011-12-20 @ 16:32:30
Your hair is dark , I propose u to do a fishbone hair braid . Fishbone hair braid : To do a fishbone hair braid, separate hair into two sections, pinch a section of hair on the outer side of each section and pull the hair to the opposite section. Do this for that time when your hair will get off fromm this braid .

And 2nd hairstyle is : braid in braid . braid in braid . divide your hair into 3 parts and take a small band from one of this 3 parts and to a braid (from the small band) and now just take a normal braid with all of your hairs . It's pretty hairstyle for job , school & every day .:)

Other way is curly/straight your hair .
-Get a hair straightener and straight your hair . for pretty look you can wear the hairband (with some added or without ) .
-Get a waving iron (or hair straightener ) and curly your hair (do a few curls in your hair , not in all of your hairs ) because then you'll have great look . Replace the clip on hair , and succesfull .:)

I hope you'll like it :)


Make-up and clothes for pattie :
2011-12-16 @ 18:44:14 can wear long top with sequins (it's must be 2 colors for example : pink with white , black with blue ..and else) , leggings (only white , red or black ) + light - heeled shoes (or buskin shoes , platform shoes ) only white or black . + some earrings , bracelets and long necklace (2 or 3 ) .

make up is : get the mascara on your eyelashes , use a eyeliner (for the lower part of the eye) and use a crayon for up part of your eye . put the roses on cheeks . apply the lipstick or lip gloss on your lips (natural colour) .

hairstyle : you can curly your hair (only few part of your hair) , straight a bang . or high bun .

I hope I help you :)

some new things :)
2011-12-15 @ 20:00:57
Hello again :) .. so I want tell you that Im in love .... oww...I love the boy who owned my heart....second thing is : I will not being online for this few days , because I don't have time...I'm really sorry :( I hope , you'll understand this ;)

Fashion ,fashion , fashion....
2011-12-11 @ 18:55:23
Maybe you have problems with that , what you can wear today or for school , job or somewhere else ? that's not problem for me ! just gimmie a comment , and I will help you , much as I can :) I also can help you with make-up or hairstyles think about it , and gimmie info !! I'll waiting :)

hairstyle for 'pattie' :
2011-12-05 @ 15:17:28 , you can do a braid of your bang. when your bang is medium - it's not problem . first : straight your bang , comb her with the slim comb ,and star doing the braid . This part where your hair is blond - don't braid this . braid only brown hair , and blond let go out of the braid . use a bobby pins (or some else pins with added or without) and spray this with hairpsray and done .

2.get all hair in your bang and twist them . (just get a 2 small part of the bang and twist them with themselfes , and do it again again again , and when your bang is almost end , just pin them with bobby pins ) spray them and done .

3.get the bang up , tease her with slim comb , pin her with bobby pins and spray with hairspray . done .

4.get a 2 medium part of your bang and twist all of this 2 part (first twist one part take it in your other hand , and twist 2 part and pin them with one bobby pin) donee.

for Pattie , by :
Nightmare (Caroline)
Do you have problem with split ends ?
2011-12-04 @ 22:03:56
When yes , It's specially for you !

So , when you don't want to have problems with split ends , do this things , and you'll be haven't got any problems :

1.after shower comb hair with broad comb .
2.use a shampoo for split ends ( I have some from Poland it's from GLISS KUR )
3.after shower (when your hairs is wet , use a conditioner for split ends and add this only for split ends , it's too from GLISS KUR)
take this at your hairs for 1 minute and wash your hair again only with water .
4.don't wipe your hair with towel , squeeze your hair with fingers and hide your hair in the towel before half of water not be in the towel .
5.for every day use a hairbrush with natural hair (boar hair). and brush them from neck to ends of the hair .

I think it's all you need to know :)

Pin up bang .
2011-12-04 @ 21:43:52
So today I add hairstyle "pin up bang" , It's for all of u and specially for Laura .

so u must have : thin comb , 2 x bobby pins , hairspray .

so get the part of your bang (not all bang but part of she ) get this up and tease her . Pin up her , and spray .
donee !!

I hope u like it .

I cannot sleep ..; //
2011-12-04 @ 08:21:15
Ouch...I cannot sleep right now .;// & I don't know why ... but...I have one message for all of you . Today I will add some new hairstyles . :) but , now I going offline , byee .

Fishbone hair braid .
2011-12-03 @ 18:49:54
Fishbone hair braid : To do a fishbone hair braid, separate hair into two sections, pinch a section of hair on the outer side of each section and pull the hair to the opposite section.


Hairstyles .
2011-12-03 @ 18:48:16
So..I want to tell u that u can write to me and tell what hairstyle u want to learn to . And I will add a post and teach u that guys (: so ... I'm waitining for orders :)

some of pretty hairstyles :)
2011-12-03 @ 18:06:43
So first hairstyle is : get the bang on the one side your head (for example left) and do the braid of she . It's much for school when your bang drops to your eyes .

Second hairstyle is : braid in braid . divide your hair into 3 parts and take a small band from one of this 3 parts and to a braid (from the small band) and now just take a normal braid with all of your hairs . It's pretty hairstyle for job , school & every day .:)

Third hairstyle is : pony . Just take a pony up ro down your hair ( side or normal , you can push up your hair for beautifull contrast ) get a hairband , and It's succesfull :)

Fourth hairstyle is : curly / straight hair .
-Get a hair straightener and straight your hair . for pretty look you can wear the hairband (with some added or without ) .
-Get a waving iron (or hair straightener ) and curly your hair (do a few curls in your hair , not in all of your hairs ) because then you'll be have great look . Replace the clip on hair , and succesfull .:)

fifth is : pony tail w/ side bangs . Pull hair back to the height of your ears (or desired spot) and tie . Pull hair away from your hair tie , loosening the "bee-hive" poof . using the end of your comb , pump up your previously teased hair . And it's end :)

sixth : front hair poof . section the front area of your hair , everyone's forehead is different ... so more or less hair might be needed to be pulled back . tease...use 2-3 bobby pins..criss cross them for a better hold.. done ! :]

seventh : headband with volume . any type of headband will work :) use the end of the comb to pump up or fix any section to even out the hair do..donee . (:

I will hope u like it :)
I will add some new hairstyles in other time (:

Please be understanding ..
2011-11-29 @ 22:05:57
Ppl ... I know I don't writing in correctly english but ppl in england (london) don't looking for this how they write or talk ...really trust me ... in school we writing how we want not in correctly english really !! kids in my school & other else talks in slang and wrote in we don't use correctly english ...I really trying to wrote correctly but sometimes I really can' please be understanding...

Sorry for not being online..
2011-11-26 @ 09:08:33
I'm really sorry but I was don't have any time to be on this blog...cuz I was have trainings and I was very tired ... really sorry , I'll promise I'll be more longer on this blog . :)

Cheerleader team !!! Yaay !!
2011-11-19 @ 21:16:06
Yesterday , I was signed up to the cheerleader team !!! I must practicing splits , running , sit on the ground and stretch legs , Lunges and squats , push ups and sit ups , even weightlifting . ouch...I have tooo much practice ...:(:(:(:( but...I want to be great cheerleader so I must practicing :)

Some boy ; ***
2011-11-16 @ 19:01:54
I was meet some boy - Daniel , I've think that I really like him...Maybe I must trying to do some more than friendship...

Caroline. !
School again ;//
2011-11-16 @ 08:10:41
I'm already in England :( So I must go to school tomorrow ,agrhh !! But...tomorrow I will be practicing shuffle in my school with my best friends : Monic , Casey , Jenny & Marisha ; **
I love them all , xoxo ! I cannot wait moreee ;)
Now I'm going sleep , ughh bye , bye all of u !!

I'm srry for long not being online !
2011-11-15 @ 18:57:51
I'm really srry ppl for that , but I was don't have a time :( 'cuz I'm practicing shuffle dance (: I'm think I can to do most of the movements ;) ahaha ; ]] Okay I will try to be tomorrow here , so now byeee ; ***

2011-11-06 @ 14:58:49
My second love is - fashion !! Ow..I like to follow new trends and make my outfits . I just like to look fashionably (:
I reading 'Vogue' , 'Fsshion Magazine' , & 'In style' :) I recommend you these papers :)

Hi again :)
2011-11-03 @ 19:44:13
Hi every1 ! I want to tell u that...maybe tomorrow I'll be share a photo of myself at this you'll be see how I look (:
I'm don't pretty...but not ugly..;p so I can tell that : I'm "medium" ;]]
lolz , okay I'll be tomorrow , kisses for yall :***

Peru , YAAy !!
2011-11-02 @ 20:47:01
I'm in Peru right now...I'm so tired ... but I'm to excited so I don't go sleep .(: tomorrow I will be triping the Peru...ow...maybe I will meet some boy...;P oh..I wanna fall in love...;] but who don't want it .? :)

Okayy , I'm going to be offline , so bye everyone , sweet dreams , and goodnight !

Treasures - my love...
2011-10-31 @ 20:08:15
Treasures are my love...I like to go on after tomorrow I'm going to Peru..YAAAY !! All my life I want to go there ... And now my dream come true...I'm so happines .:)

"the other day some explorer said : 'uniqueness is in what we do ... not who we are...'"

AIM , skype , facebook , twitter & else....
2011-10-29 @ 21:25:11
so...yes I have facebook , AIM , twitter & skype ... but I don't gave this to anyone...Only I can gave u AIM ...but I don't think ppl in Poland have this ;) Do u have one of this things ? u can give me & we'll be meet ourselfs (:

Things for pretty hair :)
2011-10-28 @ 20:51:58
Hi again ! So..some ppl ask me how I get pretty hair . So I want to answer u guys so ... I using a conditioner for dyed hair and highlights (ELSEVE) , my second conditioner is for brittle , dull hair (Gliss Kur) that's are polish brands . I'm using yet shampoo 'blonde expression' (Pantene pro-v) it's for natural & colour-treated blonde hair . I often straighten my hair , 'cuz this destroys the hair . I don't like to do curly hair , but sometimes I do this :) I never comb back my hair , NEVER ! This totally destroys the hair !!! Because the hair is breaking . I dyed my hair last tme at the September. I don't want to do this in the near future. But when I decide I dyed my hair to dark colour . So okay...I think that's all what you must to know.

love yall
Outside :)
2011-10-28 @ 14:11:06
I'm here just for a few minutes :) 'cuz I'm going outside now with my friends , so I will be later , Bye :*

One thing...
2011-10-27 @ 12:49:10
So...people ask me that y my english is not good at wan't to answer u guys...My english is not good at all cuz people in england attach no significance on this how they talk or writing . And second thing it's that I'm writing in english slang (not in this page , but on facebook & else) so I don't remember all correct words in english . So sorry 'bout my english , but I'm trying to writing correctly , pls be understanding ppl ...

School ?
2011-10-27 @ 08:08:55
My friends are at school rigt I'm get little bored , because I don't have anyone to talk . :( ehh...I'm be trying to sleep , so bye bye everyone :) I will be later !

Great day !!
2011-10-26 @ 15:19:41
Today was greatest day ever !! Because I was saw my friends (old , old friends) . Aww...I was miss them all the 10 years...but now I can see them for 2 weeks :) so..I'm going offline , byee !

In Poland now !!
2011-10-25 @ 21:53:09
Uff...I'm in Poland right now . I'm so tired of the trip , so I'm going to zonked out , I will be tomorrow and I will be write some more words :) Byee and Good Night !!!

Poland , YAAAY !!!
2011-10-24 @ 19:44:30
In the older post I told u that guyz I'm going to the I'm going to Poland !! YAAY ! I will see my family's town Awww....I'm so excited...

xoxo Caroline.
My piercings :)
2011-10-24 @ 19:09:47
So...I wan't tell u guyz that I have some I have : navel piercing , nose piercing , cartilage piercing , tragus piercing , 6x lobe piercing and I was have lip piercing and eyebrow piercing but I get it out :) Btw. in wednesday I do ear piercing at my friend Monik , I cannot wait !!
Tomorrow I'm going to a trip so I will be after tomorrow , Byeee :*

Translate : u - you , btw.-by the way .

Caroline .
Some boring day...
2011-10-23 @ 21:29:48
Today was boring day....soon I zonked out , so ppl plz be understanig and understand that I'm tired so that y I zonked out soon .:)
I will be tomorrow , Bye !!!

translate : zonked out - go sleep , ppl - people , plz - please , y - why .

xoxo , Caroline .
birthday - day two :D
2011-10-22 @ 19:42:49
OMG ... It's second day of my birthday .. I'm happy , but I'm get little tired of this...yesterday It's have been super bash ever...!!! But I have one dutie...I must clean up all this mess ;] ehh...

Okayy so ppl I will be translate you my slang so : bash - crazy party , OMG-o my gosh , ppl-people.

Love yall xoxo !
2011-10-21 @ 19:36:51
Heyy guys what r u doing now .? I'm dancing and writing to u now (: My party is ending tomorrow... gosh...It's super bash ;D Do I tired .?? NOPE !! I like partys :D
I have for birthday...
2011-10-21 @ 19:26:45
So...I got for birthday : from monik :bracelet , shower gel , body lotion and lip gloss :) from my ucle : 300 pounds WOOOOW .!!! I went straight to the shop and buyed blouse for 67 pounds , winter jacket for 159 pounds , leggings for 42 pounds and earrings for 7 pounds (: YAAAY !!! I like have birthday !!! But who don't like it..? ;p
Okayy maybe I will be later or tomorrow :]

Byeee (once again) c(:

xoxo !

Caroline .
My birthday party !!!
2011-10-21 @ 16:04:19
My birthday party is already now !!! YAY !!!
I'm in my home with my friend : Monik ;****
I lovee her xoxo !!!

Bless yall ,
I will be tomorrow , byee all .;***
I'm be writing in...english slang..
2011-10-20 @ 22:08:08
So...I must tell you guys that I'm be writing in English slang....when you'll be don't know something just ask me . :) But now I'm zonked out . Bye all !!!

xoxo , Caroline ! :*
And...just one more thing ...;p
2011-10-20 @ 21:47:58
I will tell you guys what I did today :)

Today I will start school at 9 am . I had today : PE , PE ,english , history , art , science . So I finishing school at 3 pm .:)
I'm kinda boring today...but tomorrow will be best day ever !! I do my birthday , yaaaay !!!!
I cannot wait ! I wonder what I get tomorrow ..;) Oww...I forget tell yall about super pengg boy whom I met today...ohh...his supperr hot :) I will call to him..;] but what I must tell him .???

Feel:mixed .
Little thing to remember....;]
2011-10-20 @ 21:37:19
When you'll be have some problem with english or something - just ask me :) I'll answer you :))) Don't be afraid to ask me ..;]] I don't bite you...I'm eat you first ..;D

Don't worry , I'm just kidding .;]

xoxo , Caroline !
Hey everyone .!!!
2011-10-20 @ 21:21:26
My name is Caroline . I was live in Poland but when I was 3 years old I move out Poland and I come to England . Now I live in London in Great Britain . I'm 14 years old...I mean not yet 14 ;) I have birthday in 22 October so...I have birthday in saturday ..YAY !!! I'm so excited :))) but...I do my party tomorrow and this will be end on I'm be have kinda more fun on this two days ;]]]

feel : Excited !

Bless yall , xoxo !
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