Come back
2010-09-20 @ 12:10:14
Hello everyone!
I'm back again.I've been very busy recently.
Well,I'm currently taking my gap year.I got along with my parents finally.There's no quarells :)
To tell you the true I was very afraid what my family say on it,but it came out my worries were with no sense.
Next mont I'm applying the university in the UK (exactly 5) but I do hope I get into the one I'm interested in.I can't even sleep because I still think about it and read the prospectus many times.If I succeed I would be the happiest person in the world!!
And I have to focus on my English,definitely.It's hard to write for me.I haven't leart English for so long!!I just need to organise it,and download all books from the Internet.I guess it will be so much cheaper to download than buy.
I'm gonna finish now.
Take care
Changes in my life
2010-07-07 @ 13:34:22
I hope your holidays are great:)
I'm writing this note because I thik I have to do this and I expect that any readers advice me something what they think about it.
So I passed the Matura Exam,but I decided not to go to a university yet.It may sound weird or stupid,as my all friends are going to do this.
I've been thinking a lot about my life recently and I think I need to change myself.I need to change not only my appearance but my personality too.
Sometimes I think that some people don't treat me seriously.But no matter.
I decided to take a gap year and go to UK.Then I'd go to a language school and if I improved my English I'd apply into university then.If I succeed I'd prove myself that I managed something.
My parent's are really angry with me,especially my dad.What's more they don't belive my at all and they are certain I'm going to spend the next year at home.They are trying to persuade me I should study in Poland like others,but I just feel the need to wriggle out.I'm really scared but I can't tell them that,because we will guarell again.I'm trying to do it on my own,but it overwhelms me.It really costs much,I need to get enough money,get a passport,I don't know If I'd get a job in UK,because I don't have any ecperience apart from working as a fruit picker.I think I'm going to crazy.
To tell you the true,I don't imagine how it will be.

The Matura Exam-Results
2010-06-30 @ 18:19:26
I haven't written for ages!!
Today I've got my scores and I passed the Matura Exam!! I am a bit dissapointed with my English,because I I've got a few points less than I expected,but it's Ok.Next year I'm going to resit to it again:)
What else can I say?? I've picked up strawberries for over 2 weeks and I'm fed up with it! I hope it will finish soon.I need some time to take a rest.
It's all for now
Write soon
A tragedy in our country
2010-04-11 @ 17:42:11
Firstly,I'm sorry I haven't written for so long.I'm having my Matura exam next month,so you know..
Yesterday our president Lech Kaczynski had a plane accident while flying to Smolensk to honour the 70th anniversary of Katyn masaccre.On the board were also his wife,the former president,many MPs,politicians and other major people in country.When I heard about it I was sitting in the front of my computer.My mom came and said me about this what had happened.Firstly I thought"It must have been a small accident,but everyone is alive".I didn't realize the fact.After that I watched TV and everyone agreed it's true.
Undoubtly it's the scarest experience in our society since Second World War II.
This what makes me sad is that I am afraid that everyone will forget about it soon,and the quarells between politicians will come back.Anywhay I hope,that this experience (maybe) change our society and government and while general elections we will choose a reliable person who will govern our land good.
see you.
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