2008-05-14 @ 21:42:00
You know - my dear blogers - this is joke:-))) Hello everybody... how are you? I have a good humour today - as shows:-) I don't know why... Greetings...
2008-05-12 @ 00:02:05
I welcome everybody:-) I didn't write so long and I confess that I don't learn English becouse I learned to my defence of doctoral thesis (licentiate). I've got four. This is good evaluate and I'm happy... Now I'm seeking work - it is horrible... and I return to my learn English... Lots of love:-* Bye...
Be or not to be...
2008-04-22 @ 22:06:42
Hello everybody:-)
Today I was bad day. I don't know why... simply. Propably by that weather... what beastly weater! Time and again I think that I should edit my life... I know - that sound pessimistic - but it is. Fine, I can write on this blog. Sorry, I break to spell. Head up! Will be ok... I'll finish...
Question... logo...
2008-04-22 @ 12:43:19
How can I change my logo? I go to Configurations and in the third place I write adress of picture... but a picture don't appear... What can I do???

2008-04-18 @ 22:40:55
Thanks for your help Sprenzyna92:-) Your advice was useful and logical. I'm very greateful. Bye:-)
Help me...
2008-04-17 @ 11:42:41
I have a favour to ask of us... I wrote the letter aboute me to England family but I don't know "is it good". I can't speak and write English very well. Do you help me and check that, please?

There it is:
My name is Katy.... I’m twenty four years old. I was born 27 April. My zodiac sign is Taurus. I’m from Poland. I live in .... This is a small and nice town near Cracow. I have lived there since I was born. I can’t speak English very well but I’ll try to write somethink about me.
I have finished exstramural studies on Economics at the University in Cracow this year. By last three years I worked as a office worker. I liked this work but with regard to far-away distance (100 kilometers both ways) I gave up this work. I want to go away to England because I want to learn English and to meet another culture. I want to leave on about one year.
I live in bungalow with my parents and sisters. My parent’s names is Anna and Piotr. I am the oldest child. I have two younger sisters, Beata and Natalia. Beata is one years younger that me and Natalia is four years younger that me. They are students. Sometimes we argue with each other but I think that it is normal between sisters. There are more member of my family: a dog, Banny and a cat, Burek. We really love their. I really like my family and I care about them.
When I was younger I was belong to band by six years. We singed and traveled. We was twice in Italia, twice in Croatia and once in France. It was unforgettable holidays. I like spend free time in an active way. I usually take my dog on a leash and do some jogging. If there is a chance I take my bike from garage ang I ride for hours. I go on a trips around my city. I have already visited most of the villages near the place I live. If the weather is awful I sit in my armchair and listen to the music. I love listening music and dancing. I sometimes meet with my friends and we go to the disco. In the evenings I watch TV. I have driving licence from two years.
I’m very responsible person and I have always been very mature. I love children and I think that I have good contact with them. Two years ago in holiday season I took care my cousin’s children, Claudia and Crystian. They are lovely. They have six and four years at the time. When my cousin and his wife was in work I took care children. I made them eat and I played with them. When was sunshine weather we went to walk and when was rainy we watched faire-tale. When they wanted to sleep I put a children to bed. I think that we spent nice holidays times.
I’m quiet and nice person and I quickly strike up an acquaintances with people. I’m ambitious so I try to realise my plans. I hope you will choose me and I will cope with new experiences.

Yours faithfully,

About me:-)
2008-04-13 @ 17:49:18
I'm twenty three years old. I'm from Poland. I'm learning English because I'll want to go away to England. I hope that you help me. Bye.
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