Tired; slepted
2010-02-03 @ 16:47:25
Today i slept for work, i don`t know whay but is hapynd:) the day is awful. the weder is cold end is raining. i`m at home, i drink hot tea soo for me is good but my boyfriend he is at work:(
In friday we will b do party with friends i can`t wait for :) kisess:**
shortly about me!
2010-02-02 @ 21:27:28
Firstly I would like to say, I start writing blog for practice my english:)
My name is Karolina I`m twenty three years old.I never learned english, I`m start learning that language becouse I`m live now in London, I live here two years but I work just with polish people:) I don`t have experience with talk also writing.
I live in UK with my boyfriend end friends. My sweety boy is namy Bartosz, we take marriage in next year, exactly in 9th julay. I`m soo excited becous of this, I know is early but I`m women:P
Ok I finish. See u tomorrow.
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