TODAY THE BEST SMART PHONE FOR ME add new text (02.02)
2013-02-01 @ 00:26:10
In last time I wrote about android and iOS. This is the best systems in the world.

Today when I want take photo my grandmother's photo I think: it's so ugly and blurred. So I think:

"But for me the most important thing in the smart phone is camera. Full hd in telephone is unsatisfactorily".

And I find one smart phone. This is Nokia 808 Pure View. It has 41 mpx camera. WOW! It's the best camera in all of telephones. Nokia has got camera from Carl Zeiss. This company produce photo devices.

Big minus is old system. It's Symbian Bella. It's not about system but only for GPS. Often Nokia's slow catch transmitter GPS. That's the problem. In last time I can't check personally work GPS 808 Pure View but media wrote that it isn't so slow.
2013-01-30 @ 21:31:16
I'll take good decision in my life. I'm not who I was before. I feel better.

Sometimes we can't give someone something what that person expected. Because we saw that this give us or all people bad way. The situation is worse in next day. We must say: STOP.

We should think and take good choices about next (small or big) steps in our life which can change state for better.

We should speak and make less & smart.
2013-01-29 @ 18:47:06
In my opinion it depend what is the most important for us in mobile phone. Today smart phone must do everything eg. take photos, record video in full hd or has gps. It makes iOS and android.

In last time android has more customers. Owners android and iOS all time argue together which telephone is better. I don't want compare in details this systems.

I think that better is iOS, because this telephones has automatic updating to the latest system. Smart phone with android have to wait for update and many popular devices hasn't it eg. Samsung S II. Often android promises update but in fact it is false.

Today I read important article. iphone hasn't NFC. It's system by which we can pay smart phone. We don't need credit card. Older Samsung S II has NFC. For iOS is big minus.

So, please back to real life. iOS is more expensive than android: and that's it. Android cost 1/3 less than iOS. Two technology is similar. iOS isn't innovative so better buy android.
2013-01-29 @ 15:32:03

I must said it. I'm new apostolic.

Today I wake up and I thoght that I must change my life. I have this feeling few days. But today I said: I can do it. Life is something more than eating or earn money. I know that we have less or more time on earth and then we'll have eternal life. We should apply to be better.

We must earn money or do other things, because we must live, but we shouldn't concentrate only on this.

One day we die and's the end of our choices on earth. The exam will finish and it's the time for evalution by God
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