making love without knowledge abt it.
2011-04-09 @ 20:03:35
so, it wasn't typical. we didn't know each other, but in short times, exactly moments- we felt this lightness... i didn't say 'you had been a part of me now' n he didn't say 'you had been something important for me'. we didn't say anything like that, but i just felt something strange. we met next day, in another club, we were talking n you caught my hand.
those moments, it were just a moments, but so much different, i cannot explain it even in polish, even in my head or my heart.

everything around stopped.
just you n me, were making magic n love (but i haven't know abt love yet).

That's the magic of love - it's just unexplaineable ;)
These are the best moments in my opinion, When no one says 'I love you' but we both feel something unusual. Wonderful. :)

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