it's amazing. but hard too.
2011-04-08 @ 23:36:42
i didn't expect anything, i was lonley-satisfied girl in the middle of my best vacation. just party, friends, alcohol, music, dancing, having was unexpected. i really didn't need that. but it came. and it was strange n beautiful.
from this 'place' i want to thank magdalena for that we made a contact, that we could talk and dance... do i believe in cases? i don't know, maybe, especially i believe that it was a new chapter in my life, today i can state that sometimes it's hard, but after that i feel like a truly excited person.

sometimes i hate a world, cause it divided us,
but sometimes i love the world cause it let us to know each other. n it's amazing. but hard too.

Iza, don't mention it ;-)
Now all I can say, that it's good that we are both in the same situation and Paris soon!
I guess our best vacation!
July, sweet July..
PS lovely pic..

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