2011-07-18 @ 17:06:00
in paris, now now now...
love again <3

mixed me
2011-06-08 @ 23:56:46
could you tell me what happened to me?!
i do not understand.
"summer" love in paris
2011-06-07 @ 23:15:19
i still want to start my note from "i'll tell you about my romance', and i do - so...

i'll tell you about my romance, i still want it n i still want to love him,

just 3 weeks, just twenty two days n we will have our love story again,
'summer love in paris'
here we r
2011-05-17 @ 14:01:45
here we are.
milion moments behind us, should i do something special? should you do something special?
more and more strange view, but i don't want to get it off of my life,
it gives meaning to everything.

it was impossible to meet you again, it was impossible to have a contact today...

but,here we are, i shouldn't go. i trust u n i trust u God. I trust you my love.

ur little girl.
2011-04-27 @ 19:46:35
everything depend on time.
everything will be fine.

but when everything is okay, when i have my own life n my own businesses, he appears again
then i feel like his little girl... again.
did it again, again, again
2011-04-12 @ 21:57:36
everything was so light,
everything was so emotional
now everything is so complicated, but we can handle it, yeah... we can handle it.

making love without knowledge abt it.
2011-04-09 @ 20:03:35
so, it wasn't typical. we didn't know each other, but in short times, exactly moments- we felt this lightness... i didn't say 'you had been a part of me now' n he didn't say 'you had been something important for me'. we didn't say anything like that, but i just felt something strange. we met next day, in another club, we were talking n you caught my hand.
those moments, it were just a moments, but so much different, i cannot explain it even in polish, even in my head or my heart.

everything around stopped.
just you n me, were making magic n love (but i haven't know abt love yet).
it's amazing. but hard too.
2011-04-08 @ 23:36:42
i didn't expect anything, i was lonley-satisfied girl in the middle of my best vacation. just party, friends, alcohol, music, dancing, having was unexpected. i really didn't need that. but it came. and it was strange n beautiful.
from this 'place' i want to thank magdalena for that we made a contact, that we could talk and dance... do i believe in cases? i don't know, maybe, especially i believe that it was a new chapter in my life, today i can state that sometimes it's hard, but after that i feel like a truly excited person.

sometimes i hate a world, cause it divided us,
but sometimes i love the world cause it let us to know each other. n it's amazing. but hard too.
what happened, when we're in this club?
2011-04-06 @ 20:20:28
we just went to this club, no another, just this club. was it destination? and next we're dancing dancing dancing, n have a realy wonderful time, what happened in this club? what i felt, what i done n what he done for me... i have no idea, but so much love it, n i still feel it my whole body n mind. and then we started us little, beautiful story about feelings.
it still come back, and won't go away, but it's okay.
2011-04-04 @ 22:06:29
then i saw everything around and i thought 'yes, i'll come back here again, i promise', and today i have a ticket, one-way ticket to paris and i won't let my dream go, this is my little-huge history about feeling.

just in case - i still remember.
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