no snow ;(
2006-12-22 @ 19:48:42
Hi everyone :D Yesterday at my house were clodia & kaja :D and we were making a fish for today :D :D :DDDDD Because today in our class was WIGILJA XP :D was so cooooool XD Now I am writing post 4 u :) and talking with my friends... and I am thinking about my last summer , I was in London and it was so graat that I can't stop think about it ;(

bye byeeee ;*

Christmas , christmas... :D
No snow , no snow ;( ;(((((( NO !!!!!! ; (

HAPPY CHRISTMAS... :* ; ***** :*
:) ;*
2006-12-13 @ 14:44:56
hello :D sooo I'm natalie and this blog will be about me and my life or smth :) I want to change this stupid LOGO but I can't :/ okey maybe later I'll try :)
First let me introduce myself. :) My name's Natalie and at the moment I am in art school :D ( love :* ) and I'm painting and everyrhing like this a lot but I like it :).
I don't know what more I can say... okey maybe it will be the end :D xP .

I wasn't at school ,it doesn't matter why.
But I was learning and I made a project for (podstawy projektowania) and about 16 gabi is coming to me :D :D and later we are going to the theatre whith our class (2 be :*). Today nothing happened so that's it :) I'm going for Rubi <lol>. bye bye ;* see ya :* :)

coments please... :*
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