2010-12-16 @ 19:35:32
Hi! this day I cut the heart on Biology, it was a bit strange.
I come back to home with my brother's friend and when I back I opened the internet and started "learn" to TI i watch "gossipgirls".
2010-12-10 @ 13:05:50
Now I'm seating on TI and I my teacher said that our blogs will be check.
No we watch some film about internet but unfortunatle it is boring and I can't foucest.
So i have 3 sentenses so it's finisched;)
My way to school
2010-12-02 @ 15:58:40
I had terible day. first my train stoped 2km before Poznan and stay half hour, later we decided to go on foot in snow. So my way to school wich schould last for half hour was 2 hours... yea
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