How to save a life?
2010-02-27 @ 21:06:30
I was watching today "Grey's anatomy". You know that I love this series. I also didn't take off my pyjamas. My sister called that "depression". Maybe is it, but I felt good. I was only a little tired and bored, that's all. You didn't call me or write some short message. I'm still waiting for this. Could anybody tell my how to sleep with a broken heart?!
Fortunately tommorrow I will be far away.

Nice idea to title your post by titles of songs. The Fray and Snow Patrol? Maybe later you will use Paramore ;) Never mind.
Who broke your heart? What a bastard! Kick his ass, throw him out of your mind and move on. He is for sure not worthy of all your pain and suffering. He is not if he hurts such a nice girl ;)

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